Helical Tieback Anchors

Helical Tieback Anchors - Retaining WallWells Foundation Specialist can build better tieback walls using CHANCEĀ® Helical Tieback Anchors.

Typical construction applications

  • Building-site preparation
  • Roadways
  • Retaining walls
  • Levees
  • Dams
  • Revetments


  • Predictable results
  • Cost-effective method
  • Easy to store, reusable
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Labor-saving, keeps crew small
  • Screws into place (not predrilled)
  • Site-specific to conditions and loads
  • Terminations for various threadbars
  • Less equipment than grouted tendons
  • Bearing device, not friction dependent
  • Extendable with bolted joint connection

Helical Tieback AnchorsBenefits

  • Installs in any weather
  • Installs in limited access areas
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Immediate proof testing and loading
  • Permanent or temporary (removable)
  • Labor saving – as few as four on a crew
  • Capacity proportional to installing torque
  • No concrete trucks or grout pumps needed
  • Install with equipment for grouted tendons

Immediate pull testing of helical tieback anchors after installation serves as a check on design procedures and eliminates deflection at working loads.

No delays because there is no grout

  • Typical production rate of 30 to 40 per day for installing and testing
  • No holes to drill
  • Cuts labor and equipment costs
  • Can save 30 per cent while obtaining high anchor-load capacities

Solves construction problems

  • In cohesive soils, no belled and/or long sockets
  • In non-cohesive soils, no casings or grouted sockets
  • Bearing mode (not friction mode) anchors
  • No de-watering for below-water-table applications

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