Helical Piers

New Foundation Systems for Civil Construction Applications:
Residential, Commercial and Industrial

For new deep foundations, CHANCE® helical piers are installed at intervals between the footing forms and tie into the rebar gridwork prior to pouring concrete. The steel piers are extended to depths attaining the installing torque correlated to the required load bearing capacity.

  • Reach competent soil below active zone
  • Predictable via torque-to-capacity ratio
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Loads may be immediately applied
  • Installs in limited access
  • Installs in any weather condition
  • Loads may be immediately applied
  • Installs in limited access
  • Installs in any weather condition

The Shape of Stability

The true helix geometry of each steel bearing plate minimizes soil disturbance during the vibration-free installation. Approved by BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI, CCMC and ICC, CHANCE® helical piers have become the deep foundation system of choice for architects, builders, contractors, engineers and geotechnical firms.

How Does It Work?

Helical PiersWells Foundation Specialist uses the CHANCE® Helical Pile Foundation System which offers a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems. This system is backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience.

The concept is founded on the principle of turning a helical (screw) pile into stable subsoil strata until the torque applied indicates that the necessary load capacity has been achieved. Adjustable brackets are then attached to the base of your foundation walls, connecting the piles to the foundation. The weight of your home is then transferred to the piles. In the process, the foundation, walls and floors are repositioned and retained from further movement.

This innovative system contrasts with other more costly and time-consuming methods which require extensive excavation that can disturb site features such as walkways and landscaping.

The load-bearing steel shafts are screwed into the ground independent of the structure and their bearing or holding capacity is verified via torque correlation as the system is installed.

Wells Foundation Specialist is a certified contractor for the CHANCE® Helical Pile Foundation System.

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